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Hello there! I'm Vivienne Blake, a Cutting Specialist with a passion for precision cutting. I have a strong background at Vidal Sassoon and currently run my own boutique salon, where I get to express my creativity and expertise every day. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, I've honed my skills and developed a keen eye for detail.

One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge and skills with others. That's why I also serve as a Master Educator for WELOVE, where I have the privilege of teaching aspiring stylists and passing on my expertise. Being an educator allows me to contribute to the growth of the industry and inspire the next generation of talented hairstylists.

I believe that education is the key to success in any field, and I'm always eager to expand my own knowledge. You can often find me attending workshops and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. I am a firm believer in the power of continuous learning, and I strive to be at the forefront of the hairstyling industry.

Through my social media channels, I share educational content and helpful tips to empower individuals who want to enhance their hairstyling skills. Follow me on this journey, and together, we can explore the art of precision cutting and discover new ways to elevate our hairstyling game.

I am truly passionate about what I do, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact through my work. So, whether you're looking for a fabulous haircut or seeking inspiration and guidance in the world of hairstyling, I'm here to help. Let's create beautiful hair together!


Vivienne Blake

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  • [email protected]
  • 07825 913023
  • VIVI Hair, 29a Park Road, Barry, CF62 6NX, United Kingdom
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  • 13 July 2024 3:49 pm local time

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