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Our brand resources you need to use our brand to help showcase your Lookbook and Client Selfie Reviews 

Client Selfie Reviews®

To use any of these templates, click the ‘Use Template’ button. This will open the template which you can edit in Canva for free. You will need to add your client selfie into the image area, copy your client’s review into the text area, and add your client’s name. Once you are done you will be able to download your Client Selfie Review and share it on Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure you tag Salon Lookbook in your post or story so we can share your reviews too! 

Client Selfie Review® and Client Selfie Reviews® are trading styles and registered trademarks.

Template Image Credit @alfiehair

Anna Smith Salon, a premier beauty establishment, invites clients to share their experiences with the world through selfie reviews. Clients can capture their exquisite transformations and showcase the salon's top-notch brand resources. Join the

Client Selfie Review Template #1

client selfie review

Client Selfie Review Template #2

Anna Smith Salon's client review showcases the exceptional brand and resources offered.

Client Selfie Review Template #3

Salon Lookbook® Logo & Brand Resources

Looking to download the Salon Lookbook logo to link to your Salon Lookbook page? Artwork files for print (.EPS), digital media, and web (.SVG and .PNG) can be downloaded from here. 

Salon Lookbook® is a trading style and registered trademark.

If you require any other logos or images, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Salon lookbook logo on a black background.

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