TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Reviews To Power Up Your SEO Efforts

TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Reviews To Power Up Your SEO Efforts

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your online reputation, and client retention, receive valuable feedback and actionable insights, boost conversions or get fresh new content regularly updated on your website without much effort on your side, a well-thought review strategy can prove extremely helpful.

That’s because Google is in the business of indexing websites that offer a great end-customer experience.

So, if you are considering an SEO strategy for your business you should know that online reviews are an important ranking factor. And here are just a few reasons why:

Online Reviews

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1 . Online reviews provide automatic user-generated content

User-generated content is perhaps one of today’s best marketing tools to boost consumer confidence and build a trustworthy brand. Who doesn’t want to get their salon notoriety up with fresh new reviews every day from its visitors?

And live online reviews are just what Dr. Google recommends – a rich source of keywords and fresh relevant content.

2. Online reviews give you an edge over your local competitors.

In the fight to stand out, a golden star can take you a long way. Because what few know, is that when implemented properly, online reviews help Google suggest your business in local searches. According to Local Search Ranking Factors, review signals like quantity velocity, and diversity came in as the 3rd most important factor in how Google ranks local businesses in its “Local Pack” SERP.

3. Online reviews are the new backlinks

Another positive impact of incorporating an online review system on your website is the “backlink” factor. These days Google sees an active social media person with an established Google account as a trustworthy authority giving a positive vote which is pretty much the same with regular backlinking. When it comes to online reviews, client work as an army of SEO marketers and brand advocates, improving your website’s position without you lifting a finger.

4. Online reviews also lead to longer user sessions logs

Leveraging online reviews is another efficient way to engage website visitors and improve readability. And this means longer time spent on the website for your users and minimized bounce rate. Simply put, offering clients meaningful, relevant content from other people’s perspectives is a natural way of increasing page credibility and relevancy, a key attribute for search engine algorithms.

5. Online reviews are rich in long-term keywords

Keywords are at the core of search engine algorithms. And by incorporating online reviews in your website you also open the door to a thousand new, relevant, less competitive long-tail keywords your customers are searching for and can lead them straight to your business’s website thus improving findability.

And by allowing customers to tell your brand story in their own unique words you get their vote of approval that weighs a lot more than self-proclaimed excellence. 

A woman is using a tablet to read salon reviews before making a payment.

Client Selfie Reviews help clients with authentic client reviews.

At Salon Lookbook, we believe a proactive client review strategy is SEO gold and will have a huge pay out in the short and long term. Client Selfie Reviews help clients with authentic client reviews.

If you too want to find out more about how Salon Lookbook can improve your Salons Reviews, feel free to contact us or leave your information in the form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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