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It’s not just a haircut.
We understand it’s about feeling good about yourself, being able to relax, getting a bit pampered … and, of course, walking out with a fantastic haircut that suits your look and your lifestyle. Welcome to Hair Ott, where we believe in being friendly, sharing our insider tips, and finding the style that is right for you.

The Whole Experience.
We love it when clients say things like,  “Lovely coffee, great head, and shoulder massage,” because it means they’ve had a brilliant all-around experience. (Did we mention ours are the only salons around offering a complimentary head and shoulder massage every time you come in?).

Human Touch.
And, as well as being bang on-trend (we try), we’re human too. We understand that however great our work is, you can struggle sometimes in your bathroom trying to look your absolute best. So we offer blow-dry lessons and free advice on everything from techniques to products. Just ask! Our products are so good you get a money-back guarantee.

We Listen.
We listen carefully to what you would like. We won’t leave you with a complex, fussy style if you’re an ‘out-of-bed-and-out-the-door-in-5-minutes’ kind of person. On the other hand, if you love spending an hour on your hair every morning, that’s great: we can design something that you will love to style.

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